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Merchandise Protection

Today you walk into any big store or shopping mall you see tage attached to any object you pick which is removed upon payment of bill, the moment you step out with it a alarm in form of a siren beps informing the store there is something wrong. Your packet and items are checked to see if any tags are mistakebly left back. This is all a part of the merchandise protection. It is further complimented by CCTvs, intruder alarms, alert tags, anti touch alarm, network alarm and so on

Different options available :-

Specialist Tags
A simple to fit and remove box protection tag. It can be used in various items like bottles, clothes, electronics etc. On being tampered it sends out signals in form of flashing neon lights or alarms.

Anti touch alarms signals
Such kinds of systems can be used for paintings rare artifact exhibitions, museums, sculptures, table displays, jewellery exhibitions etc. The sensor plate is usually mounted on to th object which has to be protected and which cannot be viewed. There is a distance which is already fed into the electronic plate with which the sensor is programmed. If anyone gets too near the alarm sounds putting up a signal.

Alert tags
It is a standlone alert tag which is used for cameras, PC notebooks, portable CD players, mobiles and so on kept on display. When it is handled in other than normal manner it leaves a loud alarm sound which can be traced. It has a on board battery hence it does not require any cables or wires.

Pickup snatch alarm
In case of exhibitions or museums there is a possibilty of picking up items and snatching them, to avaiod this this alarm is fit into. It prevents any untoward incident by raising a alarm. The slarm works on the sudden movement of picking up the item or snatching it.

Network Alarm
The system electronically protects IT & audiovisual equipment, immediately alerting you to interference with protected items.

Computer security lock
The computer security lock is the latest in anti theft devices and provides maximum security. Anchoring bolt enables a secure fix to the surface whilst maintaining the freedom of movement.

Cord Alarm
The cord alarm provides a cost effective option towards proteting valuable display items. 

Showcase Cabint Alarm
The showcase cabinet alarm provides security to merchandise either displayed or stored in cabinets. The alarm is supplied with a strong magnet that acts as the alarm trigger

Merchandise protection
______________________________________________ aims to provide anti theft solutions direct to you, in order to protect  desirable and highly sought after products such as ipods, digital cameras, laptop computers, etc.
S A Secure can supply a wide range of Display Security Systems that will suit all environments.
Security devices and technology can be added to any of our product categories, including woven and printed fabric items, graphic tags, swing tickets, self adhesive labels and added value trims.
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