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Personal Access Control Systems

Be it at home, storing personal information or belongings also requires a security measure. Lets have a look at the various ways we can imlement to keep or belongings safe.

Biometrics - These will grant access by using different physical traits to identify everyone that has access. If someone doesn't have access they won't be able to get past this system.
Deadbolt Locks - These are on most homes anyway but you want to make sure that this access control works properly to keep people out. If it doesn't than you want to replace it.
Thumb Print Door Lock - This will stop anyone from getting in because it will not open the door until it can read your thumbprint. So you will be the only one that can gain access inside.

Video Surveillance Camera (CCTV) - A CCTV is the most important part of the CCTV Camera Security. They have different sizes and configurations and it ranges from Standard, High Resolution to Digital cameras. They come in affordable prices today and is the most important part of a security system in today's society. CCTV cameras generally take both black and white or color video images. Various types of CCTV depends on Frames per Second Frames per second means the amounts of full frames that a video camera captures and sends to a recording device or monitor per second. Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) Cameras - moveable cameras allow the person monitoring it to move the camera from right to left (pan), up and down (tilt) and from a tight angle to a wide angle. There are also Cameras with Special Accessories which include for night viewing, spying, vandal resistant etc.

Door Chimes & Bells
There are various door chimes and bells which vary from wireless battery operated, Pushbutton Chime Kit, and so on

Home Automation
Home automation systems include video, telephone, computer and so on. The Remote Viewer Video Gateway helps you to keep eye on your home, business, family through any Internet PC or Video Cell Phone. Wireless Announcer for alerts suitable for homes and business organisations. Garage door monitors to tell you whethr your garage is closed or open.

Intercom solutions range from portable home intercom systems, which are either wired or wireless to full mounted intercoms such as telephone entry systems used in apartment complexes.

Door Holders are door latching devices that prevent the door from closing or opening. Locks also include Exit & Key Switches, Request for Exit Devices (RR), Motion Detectors, Lock Control Panels, Door Alert Devices, Door Prop Alarms and Relays with Timers.

Listening devices
Listening devices enables you to listen and monitor certain locations in your resident or business. They can be used for monitoring patients, the elderly or small children.

Fire Alarms
There are many types of Fire Alarm systems like Alarm Systems with multiple zone capabilities, keypads, magnetic switches, motion detectors and control panels. In case of of fire the alarm systems sounds for alert. There are burgular alarms, windor door entry alarms, door exit alarms, Gate / Garage Door Security, Carbon Monoxide Detectors etc.

Electric strikes
Electric Strikes are security locking devices that are found in places where access control is required. They are also known as Door Strikes or Door Releases. They are controlled by Low-Voltage electrical power sources.

Personal Access Control
Access Control is the basic term used for monitoring and controlling entry to a specific area. Access Control Systems are security devices that monitor and control entry to a house, apartment, or building.
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